Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix free app for Andorid

Adobe, one of the most revered name in photo editing, had discontinued their Photoshop Touch app for Android and that was already history.  But what shifted disappointments is their announcement of releasing yet another image-editing app for Android.  The alternative was codenamed Project Rigel which will be available both in Android and iOS platforms.


Anyway, while we’re still expecting the outcome of Project Rigel, what we have on hand are the three most appealing applications launched by Adobe itself.  Adobe Photoshop Mix alongside three more apps are all free to be downloaded by Adobe CC subscribers.  Mind you people, the said three apps—namely, Adobe Shape CC, Adobe Brush CC, and Adobe Color CC—are not independent apps but must work in close knit with Adobe’s Creative Cloud Services.

Adobe Photoshop Mix
Adobe Photoshop Mix


So what do we expect other than they’re going to be software for graphic designing?  Photoshop Mix is designed for the on-the-go artists.  It features basic tuning, cropping and mixing of images.


On the other hand, the Shape CC enables you to snap on a picture and edit it immediately through vector graphics.  You may create images using this app using basic method.


Brush CC can be used to snap on any object using your device’s camera and transform it into a custom brush that can be utilized later in the official Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


With Color CC, one can take any picture (again, using the device’s own snapper) and create a custom palette by configuring the snapped image.


Again, if you missed this juicy detail… the dependent apps are all free provided that you’re an Adobe CC subscriber.  If you’re interested, download the applications from by clicking on their names here: Adobe Photoshop Mix | Adobe Shape CC | Adobe Brush CC | Adobe Color CC.