Alcatel Plus 10

Alcatel Plus 10 Hands-on Test and Review

We all know that Alcatel is known for releasing smartphones and tablets with price that ranges from $200 to $500. If people are expecting that the company can only features that those prices can afford, you’re wrong. In order to say things straight, Alcatel has done more than that in order to satisfy and gain their customer’s trust. And that is proven with their laptop-tablet hybrid, the Alcatel Plus 10.

Alcatel Plus 10
Alcatel Plus 10


Having a 10.1-inch display, a display size that the smallest netbooks employ, you will have a definite laptop experience especially when you’re using the specialized keyboard. Even though it’s definitely not a choice for hard-core gamers and those who are fond of editing high-definition videos, this hybrid’s features aren’t things to get ashamed of.


It is also noticeable that this is entirely made of hard plastic, a feature that most people find rather not premium. However, due to its lightness, you can definitely do some document editing while on the go, though we don’t really recommend you doing that, especially when you’re driving. You can use this when browsing some things on the net, watch some videos and listen to your favorite MP3s and the like while you’re on the go though.


The truth is, most experts point out that Atom quad-core processor and the HD graphics are good features. However, the only downside is the 2GB RAM and the 32GB storage. We all know that this is somewhat small especially for a Windows 10-powered hybrid, so don’t expect that this is all you need in order to do everything.