How to Allow Others Put Files inside Your Dropbox

Unlike typical e-mail service providers like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail that only lets their users upload files up to 10mb size limit, using Dropbox for file-sharing is a must-have.


Dropbox is what the name says: it’s typically a dropbox where ANYONE, even those with no Dropbox Accounts, can upload files directly to your Dropbox Account, regardless of size. You and even other people can upload files of different formats such as pictures, music, windows applications, documents, etc. The only thing that will limit them, though, is your OWN Dropbox maximum capacity. Companies, School Organizations can use this service in order to obtain files the easy way.




So how can we do this ‘Dropbox’ thing? In order to use the service, you must have your own Dropbox Account so sign up first.


After that, use the Dropbox Request. Dropbox Request is a feature where you can post your Dropbox Drive Link to your sites (Blog, E-mail, etc.) so people can put relevant files in it. Dropbox Request Links are unlisted, meaning anyone, even fraudulent people, can put any files in it, as long as they write a Name and E-mail Address in the Upload Form. Since the names or addresses being put there are not being verified by the Dropbox, there’s no other way to tell someone from another one.


Be informed, though, that the Dropbox Site still records the IP Addresses of its users so if you’re planning to use Dropbox Request Links in order to store sensitive files (such as WikiLeaks Files), well…this is not the perfect place for you.