Altwork Station

Altwork Station : Is this the Prototype of the Future Smart Standing Desk?

Altwork had come up with a way of making your work condition comfortable and convenient in any position you like—may it be sitting, standing and even lying down—using Altwork Station.  The prototype “smart standing desk” is the answer for the desk-workers who tend to have pretty much of a stationary life.  Being in a stationary position for long hours has been proven to affect work productivity and efficiency in a negative kind of way.  Moreover, it also has long-term effects in one’s health.

Altwork Station
Altwork Station


The sitting mode of Station provides desk and chair combination that can renders support on your neck and lumbar spine.  Note that the back angle and footrest are also adjustable, thanks to the control panel by the left side of the desk.  You can swing positions and angle the desk and monitor at any height you desire by moving them manually.


Standing mode can be accessed when you press a switch on the control panel.  It will then command the desk into positioning the monitor and desk higher.  You can simply fold out the desk to use it as the typical standing desk.


Here’s the most exciting mode—the focus mode.  In this mode, the chair will commence leaning you back as it raises your feet.  The desk and monitor are also rotated and angled towards you, taking you into the most relaxed position while focusing on your work.  You don’t have to worry about gradually falling monitors or gadgets though as Altwork Station can maintain distance and angle from your eyes all throughout all the Station’s position.


Altwork Station can be pre-ordered today at the price of $3,900 which can be quite intimidating sum of money.  But as stated, it benefits your work efficiency and productivity greatly.  Your health is also put into priority, plus it offers a fun and modern way of working just like how you see them in Sci-Fi movies.  After the promotional price of almost $4k, digits go up to $5,900 by the middle of 2016 so why wait until then?