stop android apps from starting on boot

How to stop android apps from starting on boot

You may notice that some of your Android applications launch themselves upon your device’s start-up.  Well, you shouldn’t be surprised as your little device is a diminutive equivalent of a computer system.  The downside, however, is the slow booting process of your little green bot.  It is something that can be pretty annoying simply because of its time-consuming drama.

stop android apps from starting on boot
stop android apps from starting on boot


Cool thing that Google gives us a ‘say’ about this matter.  We can easily customize our settings and implement our desired effect.  The outcome: Only the apps we deem necessary to launch upon start-up will open.  It’s time-wise and practical all the way! So how do we manage this prevention of app launch on start-up?



  1. If you have the Xposed installer app, head to Downloads immediately. Use the search box to find BootManager and tap on it.
  2. Inside the BootManager’sXposed module page, hit Versions >> Download. This should let you install the app but don’t launch it just yet.
  3. Head back to the Xposed installer app and hit Modules. Tick on the box next to BootManager and reboot your device.
  4. After the reboot, go immediately to your app drawer and search for BootManager. Launch it and after a few moments of app scanning, it should give you the list of applications you can customize for start-up launch.  Finish!
  5. Now, if you want to uninstall BootManager, just head to Xposed>> Modules and un-tick the box next to BootManager. Go to Settings >> Apps Menu >>BootManager and uninstall it the traditional way.