How to Check if Your Android Device Gets Enough Energy from its Charger


We won’t be talking about how much important of a device aspect a battery is.  Simply put, no matter how great the specs of our smartphone or tablet may be if the battery flunks, then the device isn’t that great after all!  With this realization, device users should give more attention to their device batteries.


Check if Your Android Device Gets Enough Energy from its Charger
Check if Your Android Device Gets Enough Energy from its Charger


In this article, we will teach you how to check if your Android device gets enough energy from its charger under different scenarios. Also, we will be enlisting help with this free great app called Ampere.  Thus, before anything else, download Ampere from Google Play Store and install it in your device.



Part A: Checking how quick your phone is charging.

Scenario #1: You have your phone’s working original charger for testing.


  1. Launch Ampere and connect the original working charger into your device.
  2. Let Ampere measure how many mA of current the battery of our phone is actually getting.
  3. Unplug the original charger and plug in the other charger (let’s name it Charger B) you want to test. If the current intensity is smaller than that of the original charger, it simply means that the charging time using Charger B is longer.


Scenario #2: You don’t have your phone’s working original charger with you.

  1. Google a listing of your Android device’s original charger and take not of the charger’s current intensity (listed in mA or A).
  2. Take the charger you want to test, plug it into your device and launch Ampere. Wait for the app to measure its current intensity.
  3. Now, if your device charges somewhere around 0.8 x the current intensity of the original charger, then the charger you used is okay. On the other hand, if it doesn’t fall into the product basing on your computation, then you have to look for a more powerful charger.


Part B: How to know the amount of current your device consumes.

  1. Just launch Ampere and head to its settings panel (tap on the gear icon at the upper left corner).
  2. Tap on Basic Settings and enable Enhanced measurement.
  3. Head back to Ampere’s home screen and let the app do its measuring. Later, it will display the measurement of current intensity drawn from your device’s battery.
  4. You can test your device under different settings like changing its display brightness level, switching on Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and other factors.





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