Android N

Android N Preview Reveals Significant Overall Improvements in the OS

We all know that Google is becoming busier as the years go by. Almost all of these are consumed by their significant improvements in the Android OS. And to say things straight, these improvements involve the OS performance, productivity and most of all, its security. Their latest creation, the Android N as experts call it, is actually available for preview since March this year. And because of this, experts have noticed the significant changes that Google has made in the OS.

Android N

Android N OS Performance

The overall performance of the latest OS is actually very noticeable, thanks to the effort of those who had made Vulkan. To those who didn’t know, Vulkan is a 3D Graphics and Computation API which is directly available in multiple platforms but has a low overhead. This API gives the app developers the capability to create high-resolution apps, including games without sacrificing the smartphone’s overall hardware performance. By using Vulkan, game developers can now make much better 3D games without worrying if their games will crash the smartphone or not. In addition to that, it is also revealed that the CPU’s overall performance had increased by at least thirty to six hundred percent when compared to the performance of Marshmallow. And because of its new JIT compiler, app installations are now seventy-five percent faster and consume fifty percent lesser storage space compared than before. Experts are also excited to point out that the software update dialog is now gone for good.


Android N OS Productivity

Not only this OS performs much better compared to Marshmallow; it is also more practical and more enjoyable to use. Android N comes with much better multitasking features along with much better recent apps screen. A Clear All button can now be seen on the top of recent apps so it will be easier for you to close all of your apps in just one screen tap. It’s also easier to switch between apps right now, especially if you’re busy calling someone while trying to take a look at your messages.


Android N OS Security

If you think that Android N is only better when it comes to performance, stability and productivity, you’re definitely wrong. The truth is, if you’re somewhat impressed by Marshmallow’s security features, Android N offers you a lot more of it. Right now, software updates are now downloaded then applied after the device restarts. In addition to those, codecs and file extractors are now split into different protected processes for better security of the android device itself.