What is Android TV and How Does it Compare with ChromeCast

What is Android TV and How Does it Compare with ChromeCast?

A few years ago, Google TV was made, which looks exactly like a gigantic remote that can potentially stream TV content. However, due to the fact that TV networks actively block Google TV from streaming online contents along with the fact that Google TV has a clunky interface, the project nevertheless became a failure. However, the Google TV platform has undergone serious re-working and now comes with the name of Android TV. The Android TV also managed to gather streaming permissions from the TV Networks that blocked them in the past, therefore giving it partial success.

What is Android TV and How Does it Compare with ChromeCast
What is Android TV and How Does it Compare with ChromeCast


Just as the title states, what is Android TV and how does it compare with ChromeCast? Well…there are huge differences, needless to say. Chromecast is a cheap console made by Google that you can connect in the HDMI port of your smart TV. Just for $35 or less, this gives you the power to stream content from your smartphone or laptop. Depending on the Type of ChromeCast you have, you can either stream video content to your TV or music directly to your stereo system.


Android TV, on the other hand, gives you the ability that ChromeCast offers you along with loads of other features. Since this is an embedded TV platform, Android TV can run multiple devices such as gaming consoles and top players aside from TV sets. Aside from ChromeCast abilities, Android TV gives you the following features:


  1. The power to play Android Games. Just like your loyal Android Smartphone, Android TV lets you download and play android games. Needless to say, playing Android Games via Android TV not only gives you a bigger and wider screen; this also gives you more playing options especially in multiplayer and HD games.


  1. The ability to run Android Apps. As we all know, Chromecast doesn’t have the ability to run and download apps. In Android TV, on the other hand, aside from the fact that you can download and run your favorite Android Apps, there are also Android Apps that are specially designed for Android TV alone.


  1. Android TV has storage space. Unlike ChromeCast, Android TV lets you store apps and other media because it has the storage ability. This can also be expanded by using USB storage drives.


  1. Smart TV – Smart TV manufacturers nowadays make Android TV a part of your regular TV experience by providing a standard remote control with both Android TV and standard TV functionalities.