How to Fix Your Android’s Factory Reset Security Dilemma

Since the fleet of new 2015 models has arrived, it’s natural if you would want something new (most especially that the new bot Android Lollipop has come to town).  One of your options might be selling your old phone to add funds to your budget.  There’s only one problem—you have data stored within your little device.


The best and easiest answer to your dilemma of erasing your phone’s data is factory reset.  In few clicks, your phone gets back to how it was upon its purchase.  But are all the data erased from your device? Researchers from Cambridge beg to differ about this whole “factory reset” thing. According to them, even if you perform the reset, know-how techies can still recover some of the information from the residue data retained within your phone. That’s rather a worrisome piece of information we learned, isn’t it?

Android’s Factory Reset Security Dilemma
Android’s Factory Reset Security Dilemma


So what do you do for this kind of dilemma?  Adrian Ludwig has the answer about this Android factory reset issue—ENCRYPTION.  With few quick steps, the problem is solved and your anxiety wiped off.




Encryption Process

  1. Head to your Android Settings and choose Security.
  2. Look for the tab that says Encrypt Phone and tap on it.
  3. Wait for the encryption process to be finally completed.


Factory Reset Process

  1. Perform a factory reset but remember to perform a backup of data if you need it. So go directly to the Settings menu and look for the Backup & reset tab.
  2. Tap on the Factory data reset and finished!