Apple brings iPhone to the car’s dashboard

iOS lovers have been waiting for iOS to be installed in car set-up but it seems that their wishes have now been fulfilled. Volvo Cars have entered into an alliance with Apple for building up in-car systems in future. The system not only connects with iPhone comfortably but will also offer the user interface of an iPad who has used it earlier.

Apple's new car system
Apple’s new car system

This in-car system will be called as Apple CarPlay and is all set to deliver a great user experience to even non-Apple users too. Beside it will make use of touch-screens and voice commands along with impressive user-interface.

What is fantastic about the Apple in-car future systems for Volvo buses is the stylish package of the dash layout for the future Volvo models. Later in 2014 the new generation XC90 of Apple in-car system launches for Volvo models.

The highlight of Apple CarPlay is the ease of transfer of information and control from your gadget to the car and vice versa. Besides apps like phone, text messaging, music and navigation will be within easy reach of the users. Moreover talks are in the air that Apple may further develop it by associating with some third party audio apps to stream live music.

A lightning cable charger will be used to connect Apple based system to iPhone and even Apple and Volvo continue to ally for a long term. Not only this, big brands enter in the market to work on improving the ways and tactics to further simply user interface with different cars. Since Apple seems to be tying up with Volvo for a wonderful in-car dashboard system, other renowned auto brands are speculated to enter into the market of taking the new Apple CarPlay system into a wider array of cars across the globe.