IPhone 6 Release Date, Price, Specs Rumors 2014

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Apple iPhone 6 Rumours

Apple recently released its two flagship smart phones in the iPhone series i.e. iPhone 5S and 5C. Both these phones got good response from its users and as expectedly iPhone 5S


with its finger print scanner outnumbered the iPhone 5C sales. People from all over the world are satisfied with the performance of the iPhone 5S and 5C. 5S is a premium version which cost higher and 5C is a low cost model which is almost similar (but not equal to) to 5S.

iPhone 6
iPhone 6

According to the rumours circulating in the internet, within a year after the 5S release and that too by the end of this year we can expect iPhone 6 release from Apple Inc. The rumours are stating that one phone will be around 4.7 to 4.8 inch where as one mobile phone with 5.5inch display will be released. If these rumours are true, Apple may enter into the Phablet models with its upcoming release. According to the claims of the Taiwanese news website, Apple is reportedly facing production problems due to battery issues in the larger model.

Usually smart phone batteries are of 2.7-2.8mm thickness. According to the website, Apple is trying to make battery which is 2mm thick. This is becoming a big problem to battery designers and makers of Apple. As Apple is concentrating on sleek phablet models, it gave strict instructions to designers to make battery with in the given size. Some sites are claiming that due to the battery issues, Apple may release iPhone 6 in the last quarter of this year and postpone the release of 5.5inch iPhone to 2015.

Even rumours about name of new 5.5 inch iPhone 6 are also circulating in the internet. As it is becoming tough to pronounce 5.5 inch iPhone, Apple may adopt new name which may be close to Apple Air. Whatever may be the situation, people from all over the world are eagerly waiting for Apple’s phone in the phablet sector. Except Apple, almost all the mobile manufacturing companies had already entered into this sector. Hope Apple will also come into this sector very early and give a new experience to its customers.

If reports from the largest mobile manufacturing country China were to believed, Apple is looking forward to launch a kind of phablet by innovating the display screen size thus, taking its extraordinary ability to the next level.

Apple iPhone6
Apple iPhone6


Although Apple has been extremely successful because of its wide range of handsets yet taking a look at the success of the 5 inch smartphones, Apple first maximized the display size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches by launching iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. But now considering the market situation, Apple has planned to release higher sized versions of iPhone 6 that would fall under the category of phablet.


By releasing the so called phablets in two versions of screen sizes, Apple will go against its flow because Apple mostly emphasizes on software than hardware. But this time, their focus would be more on the hardware aspect in its upcoming model.

Please note that whatever you hear about the iPhone 6 specifications are all a part of rumors. These rumors mostly come from the heads of experts as they need to keep the news alive all the time by presenting their predictions. Most of the rumors would have been about the large size of the screen but nothing is concrete as of now. The screen size have been mentioned within the range of 4.7 inches to 6 inches but it would be better that you do not fix any particular screen size of the Apple phablet; configurations might alter drastically.

In the iPhone 6, much tougher flexible wraparound screen or liquid-metal display can be used. The new iPhone camera will focus on image stabilization instead of increasing the value of megapixel. These are the rumors that can be expected from iPhone 6.

Although it is not known when it will be launched for sale, yet Apple is working tremendously on these devices, and when it is unveiled, Apple will surely give the tentative dates of its availability. These releases will not only open up a new aspect in the company’s orbit but will also help in fuelling the cold war between Microsoft and Apple.