Apple iWatch Track your sleep parameters

Apple the most innovative tech and gadgets company is always in news for launching something new every other day and this time it is Apple iWatch which has grabbed the attention of public. It’s been a ling time that Apple was trying to change the image of Apple iWatch from fashionable accessory to something which can be used by folks 24*7. This sounds really exciting and thrilling. That is why apple has hired a sleep tracking research expert for Apple iWatch project.

Apple I watch sleep parameters
Apple I watch sleep parameters

Reports say that the tracking research expert is J.E. M Raymann for the Apple iWatch project and he served as a scientist at Philips Research Group where he worked in sleep monitoring systems for several years. He is known to be very active with his sleep study projects which embraced wearable as well as miniature sensors along with non-clinical facility serving as the base.

As we can find his credentials to be very relative for the project that he has chosen for and Apple will expect to fire him from day one with the potential Apple iWatch sleep tracking gimmick. One of the Philips professional confirmed that he is the perfect man for carrying out this project and left the company at the top of 2014 and never turned back. Some call him the most viable candidate for Apple iWatch Project.

iWatch will be facing a fierce competition when it comes to sleep tracking devices. Apple iWatch is a smart-sensor gimmick which will track the sleeping patterns and parameters of the folks and therefore bring out an analysis. Moreover Apple does not monopolize on the business. There are many other competitors who hold an expertise and will give tough competition.

While Fitbit Force happens to be an inaccurate device in tracking the sleeping habits of a person, Nike FuelBand SE will let you know how much time you have spent sleeping with just a press of button. However the best app is Jawbone Up which calculates the sleep pattern in a very effective way. So Apple need to be aware of the competition that it is going to face and to make Apple iWatch stand apart from the crowd, Raymann needs to think different.