ARM Cortex- A72— Second Generation 64-bit Processor 2016


It looks like that the successor of Cortex-A57 is all prepping for 2016.  Cortex- A72 is the second generation of 64-bit processor manufactured by ARM, it is also expected to take the big.LITTLE configuration hence a better performance on smartphones.  The manufacturer proudly claims that the new processor will include ‘breakthrough energy efficiency,’ a truly gigantic claim from ARM.

ARM Cortex- A72
ARM Cortex- A72

Baring the facts of comparison of Cortex-A72 against A57 and A15, it is found out there is NO such thing as intense competition between the three ARM chips as they run in completely different levels.  Putting side by side, Cortex-A72 is created on a 16nm FinFET process while Cortex A-57 is on a 20nm process.  Lastly, Cortex A-15 is built on 28nm node.  Anyway, forget about the technicalities, as rest assured that ARM is taking smartphone handlers into a different plane of multi-functioning experience.


Now, for ARM and Cortex-A72, future seems to be seen in rose-colored glasses. Rumors have it that MediaTek will release their octacore with the 4 of Cortex-A72 and 4 of Cortex-A53 in big.LITTLE conficuration.  With MediaTek aboard, only limited time can tell when Qualcomm and Samsung will take their pursuits.  What’s really tangible about ARM and Cortex-A72 sales for the meantime? Ten Chinese companies have already signed contract for A72 on their chips and these include HiSilicon and Rockchip.


Experts are still gauging where octacore processors would bring the technology of smartphones.  However, we might as well take note that Apple still holds the place of the most powerful smartphone chip at least in CPU power, rendering the company to be impervious of the threats of these octacores.  Yet, we do not what the future is going to reveal.


ARM Cortex- A72
ARM Cortex- A72



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