Asus E1Z Pico Projector

Asus E1Z Pico Projector – Price and Details

Projectors are becoming handy nowadays.  And to join the fleet, Asus released its E1Z projector, the projector that can be connected to your Android phone through USB cable.  Practically, E1Z is the world’s first pico projector to offer USB connectivity.  Yes, folks, you don’t need an HDMI cable wire or dongle anymore but a very practical USB cable.  Through this almost universally accepted connection, you can watch movies and music videos with your BFFs.


The LED projector was officially announced today at the Computex event. As what you can easily dismiss… there are lots of pico projectors out there.  E1Z itself has really portable dimensions which can be carried around practically in your pocket.  But as we’ve mentioned, what sets this unit apart from others is that it ultimately serves its purpose of portability.

Asus E1Z Pico Projector
Asus E1Z Pico Projector



With HDMI connectivity, other pico projectors in the field are entitled to have HDMI dongles to better adapt into their connecting devices.  That alone somewhat defeats the very purpose of being a pico projector—portability factor. Asus amended that one detail by developing USB connectivity with their latest unit.


Indeed, E1Z may not be the best of its field nor something as fabulously detailed as ZTE SPro 2; or an equal for Lenovo’s Pocket Projector (which by the way, bears the same price tag as E1Z here– $200). But, hey, it has its own perks, too! It can serve as a portable battery pack that can recharge 6,000mAh plug-in devices.  It is also a projector with 100% NTSC colorscope and full RGB color spectrum support.  The product:  you can enjoy a lively colored movie and video games.  Compared to its competitors, E1Z achieves much decent resolution and projection. Individuals won’t also be baffled with complexities as our projector here bears simplicity when it comes to navigating the settings.