Basis Peak

Basis Peak – Specifications, Price and Release

In the ocean of wearable fitness tracker, Fitbit, Jawbone and Microsoft are the top whales.  They have proven from time-to-time their ability to suit their products to the taste and needs of their consumers.  Alas, but such is the cutthroat competition in this area of gadgetry—almost akin to the smartphone market.  So how does a San Francisco base neophyte fight its way to the top with its huge vision? Basis has yet to stake its claim even after its impressive introduction, the Basis Peak.

Basis Peak
Basis Peak


Basis Peak sports a very pragmatic design bringing out the visible embodiment of sturdiness. The solid feel is enough to reassure the indestructible capacity of the wearable. The soft 3D silicon strap can be changed for any other 23mm options but the original is really great for the wet. The timepiece offers water resistance of up to 50 meters or 165 feet (or 5ATM), making it a perfect companion to your intensive work outs, rain or even a dip in the pool.  Mind you, it can also be submerged in salty water so feel free to have a dive withat the beach this summer.


If you can notice, there are no physical buttons or ports surrounding the head of the watch.  Flip it up and the various sensors monitoring your heart rate, skin temperature, calorie burn, height, weight and sleep.  It can support both iOS and Android devices with the PEAK app available in iTunes and Google Play Store.


Our new fave is endowed with a 190 mAH battery ready to be juiced up to 4 days.  Tagged with $199.99, it directly competes with Fitbit Surge and Microsoft Band.