Batmobile Iphone 6 cases Ready Secure and be a Source of Pride


People couldn’t just deny that color black is sexy, elegant and luxurious, most especially when it is almost embodied by the black Caped Crusader who also happens to be sexy, elegant and rich.  And who is this dark-caped hero? BATMAN.  Side-by-side with Batman is—not Robin!—but his enticing dark, sleek vehicle that is mostly every billionaire’s dream.

Batmobile Iphone 6 cases
Batmobile Iphone 6 cases


Similarly, when we think of mobile phones, one can’t help but to covet the one brand that remains at the top regardless of some people’s opinion: iPhone.  To make the issue more sensational, last year’s Apple flagship, iPhone 6, has met controversies but ended up yet top of the list.


Now, when two of these—Batman’s automobile and iPhone 6—combine, what is the product? Of course, an uber-cool stuff which can be a definite source of pride and what we can call, ‘Batmobile.’  Batmobile projects the physical sexiness and luxury of Batman’s automobile.  It functions just as the same as in the movies since it can transmit the Bat signal through a mini projector (though unfortunately, it won’t reach up the skies).  Additionally, it has LED lightning for flashlight.  A protrudable camera tucked just right under the front wheels of the batmobile could easily be spotted as it can pop in and out of the casing.  Handlers may also see that the home button is being covered by the black Caped Crusader’s utility belt.

Batmobile Iphone 6 cases
Batmobile Iphone 6 cases


While you can simply fall for the charm this astonishing art of a casing, spell might just be broken if you’re not ready to impart $50 of your cash or money.  However, if you want to prove everyone that you’re Batman’s biggest fan, then go ahead and show to the world the coolness of Batmobile with your equally cool iPhone.   Afterall, this is not just money we’re talking about but the ego and satisfaction underneath the monetary value.




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