How to beat flappy bird in a better way?

Flappy Bird happens to be the most famous game in App Store these days and everyone wants to beat flappy bird and score higher than his/her friend or smash their own high scores. Flappy bird is an amazing game with design so aspiring and mechanics simply maddening that it has become outstandingly popular through word of mouth popularity. Getting the right hints, right tips and cheats will definitely turn you into a winner. So let’s see what these meaningful tips to beat the flappy bird are.

flappy bird
flappy bird

1)      The bigger, the better:

Flappy bird is mostly played on iPhone but that doesn’t mean that you cannot play it on your iPad. Since iPad is 2x bigger screen, your Flappy Bird will appear twice big that it would have on your iPhone. Hence your view is no more obscured by your fingers and you need to pay more attention on details. Besides you also get a great field of play on your iPad.

2)      Don’t let yourself obstruct your own way:

During the game it happens that you become a big hurdle yourself for your game. While playing Flappy Bird, it is recommended that you set your own place where from you need to tap and stick with it. Let’s say if you are right-handed than the bottom right corner will work well for you whereas for left-handed vice-versa. Playing Flappy bird this way will definitely make your game into comfortable one as your view won’t be obscured by the oncoming pipes. Hence you can see the arrangement as early as possible and your Flappy bird stays in focus.

3)      Activate Do No Disturb:

Nothing can be more annoying when you are obstructed by a call or a message from your friend while you are heading on to break your high score of Flappy Bird. Hence it is preferable that you turn on Do Not Disturb before you even begin to play.

4)      Time your taps:

As your play you get in the practice of tapping as quickly as possible. While playing Flappy Bird, it is important to learn the technique of tapping timely. Since the game is all about saving the birds to get them through pipes without touching any part of them.

5)      Manage your stress:

Playing games often causes rush. You must know that sharpshooters and surgeons manage to learn their breathing and keep calm while playing. Hence keeping calm creates focus which helps to play Flappy Bird in a much better way.