Best image editor for Android Phone and iOS


Since Google bought the image editor, Snapseed, the app has never received any updates until now.  As we may know, Snapseed is the best image editor Android and iOS has ever experienced and well… it is still holding its seat as the best image editor up to this date.  Now, Snapseed is released as Snapseed 2.0 with the number signifying a huge update.


Best image editor for Android Phone and iOS
Best image editor for Android Phone and iOS


Snapseed 2.0 includes additional benefits of: spot healing, tonal contrast tool, lens blur tool and intelligent perspective transform.  If you’re into Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, the aforementioned terms are all too familiar for you. With these added perks, one can edit their photos right on their smartphones and tablets.  Luckily, Snapseed is still free for us to download and it comes sans the ads.


With the enhanced version of our favorite photo editor, we can explore and experience beautifying our snaps shots, rendering captures picture-perfect.  You don’t have to be anxious when those blemishes or uneven tones come out of your shot, they can be retouched.  And you don’t need Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Corel just to do that for you.


Snapseed’s brush tool will help you filter a portion (not the whole image) and apply effects on it.  Plus, you can save and undo previously made edits.  You can also copy or apply edits from one image onto another one.


In case we missed a detail, you can download Snapseed 2.0 right on your Android or iPhone devices. Explore and enjoy the benefits of the best image editor Android and iPhone has ever known.





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