Best Known Ways to Customize Your Own Smartwatch

Best Known Ways to Customize Your Own Smartwatch

Wearing a smartwatch is one of the trends nowadays. Most people seem to can’t live without it due to the fact that it offers us different functionalities. Aside from the fact that it tells us the time, smartwatches have other features such as health and sleep monitoring, answering calls and reading messages, playing your phone’s music and lots more. Because of the rise in this market, tech giants and other gadget-manufacturing companies are now making their own set of smartwatches in order to make a significant amount of profit in this market.


Best Known Ways to Customize Your Own Smartwatch

Most of us already know that aside from the fact that tech giants like Apple and Motorola have their own smartwatch, other names are also slowly emerging, offering us various features along with some really good customizations. The truth is, those smartwatch customizations really depend on a consumer’s personality. Because of this, almost every tech giant offers different customizations that will somehow suit the taste of its wearer.


Listed below are the most-respected and much-coveted smartwatches and their probable customization scopes:


  1. The Apple Watch – If you’re an Apple Watch user, you must have already known that the company offers you lots of customization options, starting at the casing itself. If the usual stainless metal casing doesn’t look appealing to you, you can choose from a wide range of colors, starting from Gold Aluminum up to the much-loved Rose Gold.


  1. Moto 360 – Being the most famous Android Wear smartwatch as of this date, the Moto 360 is well-known for its round display and its customizations. As of now, Moto 360 offers you at least three bezel casing options to choose from, different casing sizes, bands and watch faces. Depending on your choices, this could somehow affect the $299 starting price.


  1. Huawei Watch – Looking more like a traditional timepiece than a smartwatch, the Huawei Watch is also known for its round display like the Moto 360. Depending on the wearer’s taste, the Huawei Watch can be customized in order for it to look more sophisticated or understated.



Software Customizations

In addition to hardware customizations, further changes can be made on the software side. This includes changing the inner look of your smartwatch such as the analog or digital clock face, the icons that are found in the smartwatch face and much more. These smartwatches are known to have different presets so you must feel free to explore all of these and blend everything according to your own personal taste.