Blackberry z3

Blackberry z3 Price, Review, Specifications

Smart phones have dominated the market.  Every other person has a smart phone in his or her hand.  In this fast paced world, we all want that things should be handy and that we can do things instantly or at a fast speed.  All of this is possible if one owns a smart phone.

So many different brands are available and one such popular and well-known brand is Blackberry.  This company is launching a smart phone Blackberry Z3 which comes in affordable price and can be bought by anyone and everyone. The best part being it has great features that a smart phone should have.

The phone features are really amazing.  It has an 5MP camera at the rear with LED flash and auto focus.  The camera can be used to capture good images and also make full HD videos.  It has an inbuilt memory of 8 GB and this can be expanded using an external card of 32 GB.  This is not it, there WiFi support, Bluetooth, Near Field communication, FM radio, and GPS.  One of the most interesting feature in the economical smart phone is that it has a micro HDMI port to connect the phone to a large display.  It runs on 10.2.1 OS out of the box which makes installing Android apps easy.


Blackberry z3
Blackberry z3


All these features has made the company bank on this mobile.  All good features under one room at an economical price is really great!  This can be used by a business man or a college going youth.  This is how Blackberry has made its presence felt in the market, but innovating it’s products in such a way that anyone can afford it and can enjoy its features and uses abundantly.

With tough competition under the smart phone segment, Blackberry has emerged as a winner by introducing Blackberry Z3 in the market.  This will definitely give a lot of competition to the other well-known brands who have made their foundation really strong in the market worldwide.  Go ahead and browse this phone which will make it a must buy for you for all the feature’s that comes along with this phone.