“Brillo” – Google Soon to Bring out New Android OS Version

Google has been cooking up something really cool of an operating system for electronic devices with the ability to connect into the internet.  It seems that the giant internet service provider is not only satisfied to render its iconic green bot within the limits smartphones, wearable, carand so on…  This junior Android would essentially operateon devices which are IoT-related (Internet of Things).


Brillo, the Android underwork, can run on low RAM-ed devices with mere 32MB or 64MB. In contrast, the full-fledged green bot runs in a minimum of 512MB.  Since, it merely runs in 32MB RAM capacity, the new android can then run on smart home technology devices which can be from light bulbs to security door locks.  Yes, the device could be in any form as long as it can be connected via internet, and not just those with digital screen.

Google’s Android Brillo
Google’s Android Brillo


This move may be too revolutionary for homes but companies can greatly benefit from this project.  With electronic appliances like fridge, lights and garden monitors, some things can run pretty smooth. Surmise to say, almost everything can be labelled with the term ‘smart’ after this project takes its full swing.


If this news bears any truth in it, we can hear more of it on the upcoming Google I/O event.  Other sources also point at other biggies such as Apple (not so surprised here), Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft and other brands are working on this concept as well.