Call Forwarding with Your Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Perform Call Forwarding with Your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge

The call forwarding feature of phones is already there since mobile phones run in rampage.  As mobile devices evolve, added features are installed, but the gist of this function remains the same.


With Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the two flagships of the Korean device maker, we can bring the full potential of the call forwarding function.  So grab your S6 (or S6 Edge) and follow the steps posted beneath:

Call Forwarding with Your Samsung Galaxy S6
Call Forwarding with Your Samsung Galaxy S6



  1. Open your Phone app and simply tap on the More button located at the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  1. A pop up menu will then appear and give you options on how to enable several additional features. However, we’re not going to tackle all of them.  Instead, hit the Settings tab (the one at the bottom).
  1. Inside, scroll down and look for the More settings
  1. Tap on the Voice call and the next menu will appear.
  1. The menu will give you further options: a) Always forward; b) Forward when busy; c) Forward when unanswered; and d) Forward when unreachable. Each option is self -explanatory but at this juncture, we are going to choose the first one which is Always forward. So hit that tab and another pop up menu appear.
  1. Enter a phone number where the calls are being redirected to. It could be your other number or your secretary’s number… any number as long as it isn’t the one you are using on your S6 or S6 Edge.
  1. As soon as you completed your input, hit the Turn on button. An icon will appear on the status bar that will remind you that you are not expecting any calls on your phone.
  1. Now, to disable the call forwarding, get back to the forwarding menu under Voice call and tap on the Always forward tab again.
  1. As the number you entered showed up, click on the Turn off button and that’s it—you disabled the call forwarding feature.