Casio smartwatch

Casio Smartwatches WSJ, Debut on 2016

This generation knows about iOS and Android smartwatches, little does it know about one of the legends for electronic timepieces, Casio.


Although Casio its very first wristwatch in 1974, multi-function ability was yet to be conceived.  Fast forward, from the concept of its first digital timepiece, the Shibuya native was able to produce CASIOTRON, the first digital watch with calendar.


In 1983 the company unveiled the shock-resistant wristwatch G-SHOCK, the then much celebrated timepiece.  Due to its popularity, it has become Casio’s flagship and moniker for durable time-piece.  Casio then released various G-SHOCKS all throughout the span of almost 3 decades.

Casio smartwatch
Casio smartwatch


When we first heard about the buzz circulating about the digital company, we almost said, ‘At last, a true competitor of Apple Watch and Android Wear.’ (Of course, we were pertaining to the smartwatch category).  However, it wasn’t to be the case since the current CEO of Casio, Kazuhiro Kashio, released a statement that the upcoming timepiece isn’t about technology but of wearable comfort and durability.  It was a modest endeavour from a tough brand, but the decision appeared to be final.


Furthermore, the soon-to-be timepiece debutant will have a price tag of an entry-level Apple Sport which is about $349.  The watch will be launched by the end of March, 2016 in the U.S. and Japan.  The watch will sport some of the features from smart-devices and will mainly cater to the sports minded crowd.  The Japanese brand aims $80 quick-earn on sales and from there, it aims to expand its horizons.


With this minimalist approach in promotion and product, does Casio’s debutant have a place in the hearts of the consumers?  Apparently, the Shibuya native firmly believes so.