CES Year 2016

What to Expect in CES Year 2016

As the tech giants know, Consumer Electronics Show, one of the most popular trade shows, is now on-going and will stay for at least five days. As expected, it is now taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, just as we’re expecting to see lots of fresh new devices, as well as other important news of our favorite technological industry. As of now, the tech giants who had previously attended the CES last year are more than expected to come.

CES Year 2016
CES Year 2016


These are some of the Tech Giants that are expected to attend this year, along with their so-called ‘latest innovations’.

  1. Samsung – Even though that this South Korean giant is rumored to tease its Galaxy S7 flagship during the CES, most techies are quite pessimistic about this. If anything like teasing a new flagship is going to happen, it will likely to occur in Mobile World Congress’ ‘Unpacked’ Event, which is going to happen around March this year. However, there’s likely that they will give us a hint of its existence, though.


  1. LG – What we can expect from another South Korean Giant is that it will announce its G Flex 3. However, since this company has a knack of making things mysterious, we are not that expectant, though.


  1. Sony – We have heard some rumors that the company is going to announce its top-end devices, most probably an Xperia Z5 Ultra. If the rumors are true, it will come with a 6.44-inch, 2160 x 3840 pixels resolution screen, 4GB RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 23MP rear camera and probably a large battery pack.


  1. HTC – We are not expecting for this Taiwanese company to release a new smartphone, but they may come up with some of the latest technological trends, though.


  1. Huawei – We are now expecting for this Chinese company to release its rumored Huawei Mate 8.


  1. Lenovo – Because of this Chinese company’s collaboration with Google, we can expect that they’re going to release a multiple-camera smartphone.


  1. Asus – Even though we don’t have the idea whatever this company has inside their sleeve, there’s a possibility that they’re going to release either a new flagship or a successor to the ZenFone series.


  1. Alcatel OneTouch – Days before the CES, Alcatel had already release it new array of smartphones and tablets, some that runs using a mobile version of Windows 10. So expect that they’re going to release the full specifications here.