Coin Card

Coin Card – Price and Relative Details

We already heard about Android Pay and Apple Pay which revolutionized the payment form of the modern era.  Although cash and debit/credit cards are still considered norm as of today, people are getting conscious of security and protection.  This is where the likes of the aforementioned mobile payment and Coin card take over.


Introducing Coin Card, another innovative piece of wallet where we can consolidate our hard earned cash and multiple debit/credit cards.  For $100, you can get your very own card that acts as your compact wallet. Actually, Coin has already debuted way back November of 2013.  But the impact of its presence has yet to come materialize with the presence of Android Pay.

Coin Card
Coin Card



Coin looks like an ordinary debit/credit card but what makes it interesting is that it actually has built in electrical components, a display and battery.  Yes, all those factors compressed into the anorexic thinness of a card.


At the front face, a lone circular button adorns the card.  It’s the power button that turns on the card and makes it functional.  Noticeably, you have a small rectangular LCD screen just above the button that shows the card you want to use.  It also flashes the card’s expiration date as well as its last four digit number.


Connectivity, App and Performance

Fortunately, Coin is compatible with Android and iOS devices.  Downloading the app is a necessity but can be easily downloaded from Google Play or iTunes.  With the aid of a card reader that is included in the package, you can store your cards to Coin.  For enhanced security, the Coin automatically locks when it isn’t within Bluetooth range of your device.


For enhanced security, your Coin automatically locks when it’s not within the Bluetooth range of your device.  Similarly, you will get a notice on your smartphone when your card has been misplaced or left behind. The app also closely monitors Coin’s location; thus, you can easily locate it.


The downside only for the card is the number of establishments permitting its ‘swipe-ability.’Hopefully, this will be amended in the very near future—keep your fingers cross, guys.