Connect Your Television and Laptop

How to Connect Your Television to your Laptop – 3 steps

If you want to watch your downloaded or streamed YouTube or DailyMotion videos but your laptop screen is somewhat small, you can just connect your television so it will serve as your screen. The procedure is like how your laptop or desktop computer connects to an LCD Projector, seriously. Depending on your computer ports and the kind of connection your TV permits, this is somehow very easy to do.

Connect Your Television and Laptop
Connect Your Television and Laptop


First Step – Connect to Television for Display

If you have an old TV model, it usually contains an S-Video (that stands for Super Video) or a VGA (Video Graphics Array) input, a feature that laptops normally have. Use an S-Video standard cable in order to connect your laptop into your TV. Keep in mind, though, that since VGA ports have a 15-pin unlike the S-Video’s 4-7 pin design, they have better displays.

However, as in the case of HD (High-Definition) TVs, they usually feature a DVI (Digital Video Interface) or HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port or both. Just use the appropriate cables.


Second Step – Connect Television for Audio

What is a video display if it does not play sound at all? Video cables only serve their purpose, that is, for display. However, if you want the sounds, you need a different kind of cable somehow.

In order for your TV to have sounds, you must connect an RCA (that’s your own DVD player TV connector) cable from your laptop to your TV.


Third Step – Use the Appropriate Settings

Open your Windows display settings by pressing right-click > Screen Resolution in your Windows Desktop. Look for your Television Model there. At the same time, open your TV then press the Video Button in your remote control until you see the correct display.