Cyntur Jumper Pack

Cyntur JumperPack mini – Details and Price

One of the nightmares a car owner could have is when his car won’t start because of dead battery.  This could worsen when he’s in a rush to somewhere important and life-changing.  Good thing that Cyntur had come up with a great solution in the body of JumperPack mini, a whooping 12,000 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Cyntur Jumper Pack
Cyntur Jumper Pack


If you’re thinking that this battery pack can only support your smartphone or tablet when their juicer runs out of power, you’re wrong.  As we’ve said earlier, it contains enough power to help you start your car.  Even if you have an 8-cylinder engine vehicle, this monster can give it a jump start.


Exteriorly, JumperPack exhibits a tough-looking image albeit of plastic material. The orange and black colors compliment the desired image of electric power.  Concerning about protection, the juicer comes in IPX3 certified skin.  Meaning, it can survive water splashes but not submerging.


The juicer’s maker claims that it can retain charge for up to a year which is pretty awesome.  One can’t help but wish that smartphones should have this kind of power, don’t you think so? If this claim is true, then JumperPack mini is recommendable for everybody to have. Not only it could start a vehicle but it can also serve as an emergency light with its 200 lumens LED light. It can also be connected to different devices as long as they have 2.1A USB port.


With all the said qualities, who still have the guts to complain of its $100 price tag? Yes, other brand with the same capacity can be purchased half JumpPack mini’s price but they lack the functionality this juicer has.  It’s a pretty good investment most especially thinking of critical instances like car emergency and electricity outage.  It’s up to you whether you have the guts to invest on JumpPack mini.