Domino Now Employs Robots in their Chain Deliveries


We all know that a few months ago, Domino has installed built-in heaters in their pizza delivery trucks. In addition to that technological advancement, the Pizza Delivery Giant has now announced that they are now employing delivery robots in their ranks.

Domino Now Employs Robots in their Chain Deliveries
Domino Now Employs Robots in their Chain Deliveries


Just recently, Domino has announced that they are planning to employ services of what they call a Domino Robotic Unit. According to the company, the mentioned DRU is said to use software that was developed by Marathon, a military contractor that specializes robotic designs with obstacle evasion and avoidance capabilities. By the help of various sensors, the automaton can easily avoid any blockades and obstacles in their path while doing the delivery. Once the robot reaches its destination, the pizzas and beverages can be obtained by the customers inside its compartment by means of an order-specific code that they will receive after the order was confirmed. During their test run, it is said that the delivery robot has an operating range of 20 kilometers from its control center, which will be none other than the Domino Pizza Chain itself. Additional features also include a security system that will ensure the safety of their customer’s order.


But despite that fact, there questions that requires answering. The first one is that you are required to give those robots a tip. And the other one is: Due to the fact that robots will now do the delivery work, what are they going to do with their human delivery crew?



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