Dotti : A Fresh Way to Alert You of Phone Notifications

For workers whose careers demands constant communication and knowing the latest updates sets an edge to the cutthroat competition, phone notification plays an integral part in the game.  Even so, notification sounds can be pretty irking in an office setting.  Fortunately, Dotti assures us that we keep track in a creative, fun and—still—attentive way.





Dotti keeps it simple and minimal although the back fascia gives us a lecture in geometry while the front just gives us the cubes.  It is made of highly durable plastic that can shield shocks from a fall.


The 64 cubes we mentioned earlier hide the LED responsible for the patterns and animations to notify you of an update.  Moreover, Dotti’s top finish is touch- sensitive, enabling you to navigate through its different functions.



Application and Connectivity

Android and iOS users may find themselves lucky enough since the Dotti application is compatible to their devices.  The app provides access to the numerous modes that help you customize your


You can pair your box with your handset provided that the latter has Blutooth 4.1 connectivity.  You won’t find any problem with the 30 to 40-ft. radius indoors which is certifiably ‘okay’ in our dictionary since the app-controlled pixel light’s nature is stationary.



Performance and Battery

Other than the notification delivery system, Dotti offers other practical functions such as serving as a digital clock and diminutive entertainment factory.  With the music mode, you can see dancing pixels for a visualizer companion; animation mode that serves as an added amusement; and alternatively, you can use it as a dice under the game mode.

As tested, Dotti exceeds a week (or 720+ hours) for being a notification tool.  Using it with other functions entails additional power is yet another story.



Price and Availability

If you’re serious in acquiring one, know that it also means $79.99 off your wallet (or card).  Considering its function and other entertainment factors, every cent is worth it.