WhatsApp new emoji version

How to Add New Batch of Emoji Icons to Your WhatsApp

So, WhatsApp may not be as complicated as Facebook’s Messenger—and that’s the beauty of it.  That is why it is now reigning in top of the pyramid of instant messaging platforms.  Yet just recently, the uber-simple chatting app is turning its cogwheels to bring us a little bit more of those sophisticated features.  Yup, we say “a little bit” because these features are still simple compared to those of Viber and Facebook Messenger.


WhatsApp new emoji version
WhatsApp new emoji version


At WhatsApp version 2.12.367 which you can get via their website (or just get an update via your Android’s Google Play Store), you get to have rich link previews as well as the ability to star messages.  The latter is only available for the Android version of the app—for now.


Now, here’s the exciting part—a whole new bunch of emoji that can fire up your expression during your chat with your friends.  Aside from the food icons like taco, popcorn, cocktail drinks and burritos, you also get new icons like the spider, medals, racing cards, shamrock and unicorn.  Furthermore, the emojis are now grouped and categorized into 8 various tabs (before it’s merely 5).  It simply means that you can now express yourself into another level.


These emojis are part of the Unicode 8 set that has been inputted on iOS 9.1.  Some of those emojis will also grace the Android OS on Nexus Devices by next week.  But for now, you can enjoy these emojis right during your Whatsapp messaging.  To be able to do that, though, you need to perform the following steps:



  1. Download the WhatsApp 2.12.374 version for Android using this link.


  1. Hit the download notification in the status bar of your Android gear after downloading the app into your device. (If you have downloaded the app to your computer, then transfer it first to your Android phone).


  1. Grant the permissions the app will be asking you and tap on the Next button on each screen until the app starts for its installation process.


  1. Select a contact and inform them of your newfound emoji power of expression. Enjoy!