Enable Safe Mode in Android

Enable Safe Mode in Android – 3 Method

While there’s no question that Android is one of the most durable mobile OS, performance issues still ensue. When you’ve been with your Android phone for a certain period of time, you might encounter some of the dilemmas that most of us encounter.  Such problems include unloadable applications, slow loading, crashing applications and consistent popping up of advertisements. Hey, breaking news: You’re not alone in this dilemma, dude!


Enable Safe Mode in Android
Enable Safe Mode in Android


So what are you going to do if you encounter this case? Do the reboot step but if that one doesn’t do the trick, be prepared to do the Safe Mood booting.  Sounds familiar most especially to handlers of Microsoft Windows right? Actually, the trick solves the same case scenario. The good thing is you don’t have a third-party application to do Safe Mode booting.  This is already designed by Android developers in such emergency situation. Review and jot down the steps given herein for Safe Mode booting.  Note that there are different methods so we’ll be giving you the options:


Enable Safe Mode in Android
Enable Safe Mode in Android


Method One: Power Off Button

  1. Press and hold your Android phone button for at least 2 seconds. Wait for the loading of power menu options.
  2. Select “Power Off” by holding it for a moment. A pop-up confirmation will ask you if you’re sure to opt for Safe Mode. (Note: Handsets like LG, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Nexus and Motorola observe these first two steps in guiding the handler to Safe Mode options.)
  3. Tap on “OK” and your phone is then rebooted into Safe Mode.



Method Two: Volume Down Button

  1. First, turn off your Android handset using the normal steps in turning it off.
  2. Turn your handset on again.
  3. Upon seeing the logo of your handset’s manufacturer, immediately hold the volume down button. You are then navigated into Safe Mode. (Note: Handsets like HTC, Nokia X, LG and Samsung also use this method.)


Method Three: Volumes Up and Down Button

  1. Turn off your Android handset and turn it on again by pressing the power button.
  2. While your handset is booting, hold down both volumes up and down for a few moments.
  3. Once you entered, you can notice that a Safe Mode indicator is pasted at the lower left corner of your screen.