How to Authorize Theater Mode on Your Android Wear Smartwatch


If you have an Android Wear smartwatch running in the 5.0 version, you also gain a new feature called Theater mode.  The feature allows your wearable to behave in a non-intrusive way during your offline experience.  It’s the best mode when you’re sleeping, watching movies or during family dinner.


When the Theater mode is authorized, a tilt or raise of your wrist will trigger a stop to the lighting of your Android Wear and vibration alert will also cease.  In short, you get a silent mode for your wearable.  Since you don’t benefit from the lighting and vibration alerts, your battery life is also extended which is something like “getting two goals with a single setting.”

Enable Theater mode on any Android Wear smartwatch
Enable Theater mode on any Android Wear smartwatch


Follow these simple steps for you to authorize Theater Mode on Your Android Wearable 5.0:



Scenario #1: Your Android smartwatch with the presence of a physical power button.

  1. To authorize Theater mode, just press the power button 2 times.
  2. To disable Theater mode, simple do the same by pressing the power button twice.
  3. To check on the display screen of your smartwatch, simply press the power button once.


Scenario #2: Your Android smartwatch doesn’t have a physical power button.

  1. Visit your smartwatch display and pull down the tray from the top screen.
  2. As several modes are revealed, swipe to the left to see Theater mode. Tap to activate the said mode and there you go.
  3. To disable, simply double tap your smartwatch’s screen and Theater mode is deactivated.






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