Eye tower your home to make it safe from the sudden disasters

The Google acquisition nest is one of the most important inventions of the internet. For Google it is long term investment of it because the price is much higher than the company’s valuation which is $800million. The acquisition nest is very much new to the market with only two products with it. Therefore Google has found the better potentiality in the company. Google did not say much about the nest or its future planning but it can be described by the physical graph accurately.

Eye tower
Eye tower

People are familiar with the knowledge graph and the interest graph. Google has introduced the physical graph which is there to measure the interactions of the people with the physical system. The possibilities of the same are huge and vast. The people who are using the smart technologies will be in want of the smart technology with all their activities and all. The physical graph is the system which generates the data so this will be loved by all the smart technology users.

The data is the main thing of the entire thing. The nest is the thing which is one step ahead than the CEO. The system will tell the people about the current work of the projects of the company. The thermostat and the project smoke detector if work together it will give great result to the company. The latter on that means the smoke detector will help the former one that is the Nest to switch off the furnace which is releasing carbon monoxide.

From the very first starting the nest was very much aware in making the thing more innovative and developed and the planning made it more than the thermostat. It has a long term plan to make it better. There are many features which make the item better but there are also some unlocked features also which will be revealed later as they are under the construction right now. The wireless connectivity is there which is expected to be popular among the people of the world as hoped by Google.