facebook lite

Introducing Facebook Lite, the Diet Facebook now available in the Google Play Store

Many people may not understand why Facebook would release a ‘diet’ version of its official app when everyone’s aiming for great graphical experience.  Well, just remember that not every part of the globe benefits great internet experience.  That and the fact that not all people own smartphone with great specs.


In developing markets like Africa, Southeast Asia and India, opening the graphical official Facebook app in limited and low connection can be pretty frustrating.  Instead of enjoyment and glee, one may feel like smashing his (or her) phone against a wall.

facebook lite
facebook lite


To help these social groups in developing areas, Facebook Lite was provided.  The goal is to run the app regardless of CPU, RAM and storage the Android smartphone has.  It’s really helpful for the 4 billion users who still use 2G internet network and limited data plans.


To begin with, Facebook Lite is less than 1MB itself.  It also uses low-resolution thumbnails which keep things running smooth.  Not to raise your brow yet, Lite gives the core experiences of the official version like News Feed, Status updates, Notifications, Photos… etc.  Data intensive features like videos and Nearby Friends were omitted to meet Lite’s goal.


While Facebook Lite is limited to certain areas only, it is soon to be expected in Latin America and Europe.  This is not Facebook’s first move to reach out into developing countries.  Facebook Zero may still be fresh in our memories.


If you want Facebook Lite in your Android, just click here and you’ll be navigated to its download page in Google Play Store.