find email address

Find the Person who Sent You an Email

Curiosity drives you to search for that unknown individual behind an email address.  But how do you look for that email sender?  Before you came down into any conclusion of something like, “Oh, no! I’m not going to stalk!” lines, just take time to read this article.


There are a lot of reasons of wanting to know that blank face behind the email address.  You may want to know a little about that person’s background for one.  Or you want a character investigation which only includes yourself as the investigator. Anyway, you can’t be as direct as to ask that individual of his identity.

find email address
find email address


There are several ways to track down that particular person.  And whose help can you enlist better than the good old man himself, Google. Other than Google, you can enlist the help of Facebook and other social media.   All you must have is an internet connection and the email address you’re going to use in this process.



Method #1:  You Get Signal

  1. Open the header of the email message and locate the line that say Received:from to be followed by an IP address inside the square brackets. If there are several entries, just copy the IP address of the last one.
  2. Paste the IP address in this trace route site and you can get the approximate location of the email sender.


Method #2:  Facebook + Google Images

  1. Type the email address on the Facebook search box and Facebook will immediately load the profile of the person owning it. If he or she isn’t in Facebook, the social site will just tell you that the profile is not available.
  2. In case you got the profile, download the profile image of the email sender.
  3. Upload the email into Google images by clicking the camera icon in the search box so you can find social profiles with the same picture.


Method #3: Other Social Networks

  1. Knowem might just help you in finding the profile with a particular username. It checks the username in other social networks and gives you the result instantly.
  2. Gmail users can install the add-on app, Rapportive and have a quick check of the sender’s profile in social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.


Method #4: People Search Services

  1. Spokeo and Pipl are popular people search sites with the former more comprehensive than the latter.