Find Website Traffic Hits

How to Find Website Traffic Hits

Nowadays, competitions arise in Internet due to popularity issues. The more popular a website is, the more it gets internet traffic. And the more a website’s traffic is, the more income it gets (we all work for a living, mind you).


If you’re planning to set up your own website, you have to monitor your internet traffic. At the same time, you also need to monitor your competitor’s traffic in order for you to formulate an effective strategy. In order to do that, you’re going to need the necessary (but free) tools that do the job.


Find Website Traffic Hits
Find Website Traffic Hits


Option #1 – Use Alexa

Alexa reveals website ranking based on combined stats of page views and unique visitors. The ranking, however, is not based on the site’s traffic alone but to all the sites that are being monitored by Alexa. Webmasters don’t use this often since they don’t usually trust Alexa’s ranking style.


Option #2 – Use Compete

Compete is usually used to estimate the total US Traffic from its unique visitors for nearly every website in the Internet. It uses ISP data, their own toolbar and other data sources when measuring site traffic. As an additional feature to paid users, Compete offers metrics like average stay duration, demographics and Page Views.


Option #3 – Use Similar Web

It is originally a tool for finding similar websites but now, it offers wide data range such as traffic analysis in a clean interface. You can find out information such as countries that are sending most traffic, your own site traffic, effective keywords that are being searched regularly, etc. And to make things easier, you can download these details into a PDF file format.


Option #4 – Use SEM Rush

It offers data about search traffic for any website. Just put in the site’s URL and it will give the site’s search traffic over time. You can also customize the data by country so it will become easier to review.


Option #5 – Use QuantCast

It works out the same as Compete but you can view the data via Desktop or Mobile (preferably Android) phone. You can also view the visitor demographics, country traffic and also the mobile and desktop traffic.