Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge – Specifications and Price

Fitbit has been dedicated in bringing us wearable that allows checking on our health.  We can remember Fitbit Charge and its successor, Charge HR.  The latter is packed with heart rate sensor, hence the ‘HR’ attached to the moniker.  Now, Fitbit is bringing us its latest model in the body of Fitbit Surge.  Dubbed as “fitness super watch,” it tracks the wearer’s health like a hyper monitoring system.

Fitbit Surge
Fitbit Surge


Fitbit Surge bears quite a bulky form and design reminiscent of the old digital watches.  For design conscious individuals who prefer discrete-looking wearable, Surge may not suit your taste.  Yet, if you want to need a tracker known for its value more than its style, you might just appreciate Fitbit’s latest product.  It can track your steps, distance covered, calories burnt, floors climbed and heart rate.


If you want to know, the material used for this bulk is a textured elastomer that renders Surge a rubbery feel and on-the-go look, plus it’s actually water resistant. It can stand heavy sweat and water splashes but if you’re planning to soak it during shower or swimming, it might just not endure those settings. It’s more muscular to the taste since it exhibits hard edges, favouring modern style. Though the design looks intimidating and uncomfortable to wear, it is actually the opposite as it contours just around the wrist.


Did we mention that Surge comes in three various colors and sizes?  It comes in black, blue and tangerine hues with the following sizes:


  • small : 5.5- 6.7 inches (140-170mm) in circumference
  • large : 6.3- 7.9 inches (161-200mm) in circumference
  • extra- large : 7.8- 9.1 inches (198-230mm) in circumference


Surge’s display comes with three physical buttons with heart rate sensor and charging port on the underside.  Meanwhile, the LCD display may be a complete contrast to most of the graphical and colourful LCD screens of wearable today.  It comes in monochromatic touchscreen that’s viewable both in daytime and night time.


Just like its contemporaries, Surge works hand in hand with its smartphone partner with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.  You can get Fitbit Surge at the price of $249 straight from Fitbit’s ownstore.