Fix Your Android Device by Resetting

How to Fix Your Android Device by Resetting – 4 Steps

It is no secret that the developers of the little green bot enhance the little guy’s features with each passing year.  Yet, there are some overlooked facts we tend to ignore during the highlights of the perks.  Due to the diversity of the android system, we find differences from time-to-time.  We’re not only talking about the hardware, UI’s or software that developers consider during their conception of an app.  Rather, we are dealing with something much more sinister: bad codes.


Fix Your Android Device by Resetting
Fix Your Android Device by Resetting


Perchance, you already experienced this and you rushed to your brand’s service outlet (if your phone is still under warranty) just to have it fixed.  In some cases, you need to fall in line and wait for a day or two just before your handset gets fixed.  Believe us, it is an utter nuisance!


The scenario might have gone like this: you downloaded this very ‘cool’ app and then afterwards… your phone gets stuck!  Even as you rebooted your device, the little green bot could not go through and reset your device from the Settings. Sounds absolutely sinister, right?  So if you encountered this—which we pray you won’t—heed the following instructions:




  1. First, shut it down then open it pressing Volume Up or Down + Power button simultaneously. However, bear in mind that this step depends on your actual Android model.  Just in case you want to do it properly, you can simply Google which buttons you need to press.
  1. Okay, so you successfully boot into recovery and you’ll be introduced to a set of short instructions. Use your Volumes Up and Down buttons to act as navigational keys and select Wipe data or Factory reset by pressing the power button. Note that some recoveries support touch so you can simply tap on your selection.
  1. You are then navigated to a page dominated by No’s but as you can see that single ‘Yes,’ select it right away.
  1. Once the wiping or factory reset is complete, select reboot system now to go back to your Android. Now, don’t be surprised if some of your installed apps get lost in the process as you resort to your factory state. The important thing is that you regain your normal access to your Android.