Fluance Fi50

Fluance Fi50 – Specifications, Price and Review

Bluetooth speakers can fetch a hefty amount from your pockets ranging from five hundred bucks to a grand ($500- $1,000).  Fluance Fi50 defies this trend but delivers a good combo of high-audio quality at a price that won’t make you wince.


Fluance Fi50
Fluance Fi50


Design and Performance

You can’t say that Fluance Fi50 has a flair for artistic or avant-garde style but can you really demand such things for a budget-friendly set with $199.99 price tag?  However, the speakers bear a conventional trim with minimalist approach.


The wood-like material won’t be a trivia when you place it in the midst of your entertainment set.  It may not be eye-catching but it does not also demand a good time from you thinking where to put it just to fit in.  If you don’t like the overrated black ash, you can choose from the other two hues available: natural walnut and lucky bamboo.


It features a 5-inch of woven glass fiber composite drivers, LED display, 40W integrated power amplifier, touch-sensitive control unit, dual high-quality coaxial tweeters, 3.5mm auxiliary port and a full-sized 2.1A USB port designed for fast charging of other devices.


Fluance Fi50 with its aptX audio technology favors the bass so the ‘all-about-the-base’ fans can actually rejoice for this feat.  On the other end, it does not sound strained in producing the dynamic tones so don’t worry about your ears.



Connectivity and Battery

The pair works well with Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and can be connected with devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.  It works without powerfully within 33ft. radius but diminishes quality up to 50ft. inside a building.


As mentioned earlier, Fluance Fi50 is accompanied by a 2.1A USB port capable of rapid charging and that’s not only for this Bluetooth speaker set but also for devices that has support of the same port.