Flyp App

Flyp App : Acquiring Multiple Numbers on Your Mobile Phone

In the Asian market, a phone with multiple SIM capacity is more appealing in the eyes of the consumer.  It’s something that’s both fashionable and practical for the people on the go.  For the countries in the west of the globe where Apple or single SIM Android phones are deemed more practical, multiple SIM capacity might be a little intriguing.

Flyp App
Flyp App


So you have a single SIM phone and you want like 3-6 numbers associated with it, could it be possible?  This is where the mobile app Flyp comes in charge.  It allows your handset to dial and receive calls or texts or even record voice messages from each of the registered contact number.Only there’s tiny relevant juicy morsel of a detail:  $2.99 per month for each additional registered number.  You are also given the option to subscribe a $29.99/ year.  The first number comes free but as for the additional ones, the rates apply.


Don’t raise those eyebrows just yet as we know that prices can be a little intimidating most especially when there are free great apps out there.  What’s the catch when you subscribe in Flyp:


  • You can get a maximum of 6 registered numbers which you can designate as personal, business, public or whatever label you have in mind.
  • You get to choose different area codes for each of your number.
  • Get individual set of contacts as per contact number.
  • Your contact numbers are not those disposable kinds like in Burner or Hushed. In Flyp, your contact number(s) are permanent.



You can download Flyp via iTunes (for iOS) and Google Play Store (for Android).