How to Format the C Drive of Your Windows Computer

How to Format the C Drive of Your Windows Computer

If you’re using a Windows PC for a long time, you must have already known that you can format disk partitions and memory cards just by using your own computer. In computing, formatting means you’re integrating the device such as drive storage into a system so that the computer can easily read its files in the future. And if in case you didn’t know, that also means erasing everything that you have initially downloaded into the device itself, regardless of file format.

How to Format the C Drive of Your Windows Computer

Formatting drive partitions and memory cards are very easy. Just by right-clicking the drive or storage then choosing ‘Format’, you can do the formatting at any time of the day. However, due to the fact that the Drive C usually contains the Windows operating system files, there’s no way that you can format Drive C as long as it’s being used.


IT experts know that the only reason why you’re going to format Drive C is none other than virus attacks. Well…that can’t be helped, especially if the virus keeps on popping up obscene messages in your Windows desktop.


The truth is, if you really wanted to format the C Drive of your Windows computer, the only thing that you must do is to boot up via CD or USB. Nowadays, you can easily boot up your Windows computer via USB or CD. And if you’re using either a Windows CD or USB, there are at least three known ways to do the trick, ways which are listed below:


  1. Formatting Drive C via Windows Setup – Being the easiest one, you can format the Drive C when you’re trying to install or upgrade Windows operating system on your computer for the first time. If you’re still using Windows XP and your hard disk uses FAT32 file system, chances are that Windows 7 or later Windows versions will prompt you to format your hard drive and use the NTFS file system.


  1. Formatting Drive C via Windows Recovery Console – Being the usual choice of advanced users especially those who want to specify changes in their computer settings, you can also use the recovery console. The Recovery Console can be used in order to format, partition or even resize a hard disk just by typing the available commands. This feature is used on Windows XP and earlier versions.


  1. Formatting Drive C by using Diagnostic and repair tools – Nowadays, various software such as antivirus software offers you an option to create a bootable CD or USB rescue disk, which can be used to boot up a problematic or malfunctioning Windows PC. However, it depends on your antivirus software so you must read and follow the necessary instructions to do that one.