Fujitsu's Iris Scanner for Smartphones

Fujitsu’s Iris Scanner for Smartphones – Details

When protecting or securing your device is your top priority, fingerprint sensor is one security option you may want to have.  However, as demands for a levelled-up protection goes high, we might just want other choices.  Enters Fujitsu who recently introduced its new iris scanner during the MWC 2015 trade show in Barcelona, Spain.


Fujitsu's Iris Scanner for Smartphones
Fujitsu’s Iris Scanner for Smartphones

The Japanese native had demonstrated how to access this feature through an attachable accessory that is surprisingly not bulky.  To start with, clip the Fujitsu accessory at the top side of the phone. Design is more of a “bolt-on-like” add-on, just blending with your smartphone.  Now, for the meantime, the iris scanner goes like this, but pretty much in the future, it shall be integrated in smartphone handsets via front camera.  Availability is said to be within this year, but we’re going to expect it much later or earlier next year.  So, expect this James Bond technology right within your reach by 2016.


Back to the scanner itself, it performs using the joint technology of infrared gizmo consisting of a camera and its flash.  Setting it up for the first time requires several moments, but after that it is done instantly.  You have to let the gizmo take a record or snap of your irises.  If you’re wearing clear-coloredcontacts or glasses (but not shades), there’s no need for you to take them off.  The scanner will do its work nevertheless.  It would do even if your face is about 20-30 cm away from the device.  Fujitsu’s version of the iris scanner performs faster than the current locking method available in the markets nowadays.


What Fujitsu offers with this new security type lets us avoid the hassle like when we had other hand tied up in different task (or wet or dirty).  It’s greatly beneficial and we can’t contest that.  Asked if the feature is going to be available for other manufacturers, representatives kept their mum about it.