Garmin Vivomove

Garmin Vivomove: Your Traditional but Stylish Smartwatch

Nowadays, it’s way very obvious that the Smartwatch market is the fastest-growing market, along with the smartphones and tablets. Aside from telling us the time, we all know that every smart watch has different uses. Some smartwatches have the ability to measure our heart and pulse rate while others can measure your total steps that you made for the whole day. Others may tell you how much distance you’ve covered while others allow you to answer calls and read text messages in your phone. Still, others have anti-lost while other smartwatches has all of these features under their disposal.

Garmin Vivomove
Garmin Vivomove


Needless to say, the smartwatch has already dominated our daily activities. However, due to the fact that most smartwatches are way too complex to use aside from the fact that you must charge them at least every night, this truth had become the smartwatches’ downside.


The good news is, some companies have risen and started combining the advantages of the old generation with the new. And Garmin, being one of the most popular companies in the art of mapping, had entered the semi-smartwatch market with their newest creation, the Vivomove.


Being a very stylish $150 semi-smartwatch, the Garmin Vivomove definitely looks like your own traditional timepiece with added smartwatch features. Looking at the Vivomove’s face, the experts have seen only three things that the semi-smartwatch displays: The clock, the inactivity bar and your daily activity progress. On the right side, you can even see the crown, which you can use in order to set the time. The progress bar on the left side, just like in other Garmin wearables, will rise and fall according to your own activity. Needless to say, once you manage to hit your goal for that day, the progress bar will go up. If not, it will simply go down.


Whenever you don’t go out and take some steps outdoors, the inactivity bar on the right side of the clock face will eventually fill up. To clear the move bar, you must at least accomplish to walk at least 100-200 meters a day.


In the technical side, Garmin Vivomove is fully water-resistant from water immersions for up to fifty meters. The watch can also accompany universal wristbands so you can switch the wristband into whatever kind of wristband you would like. It also contains sleep and distance tracker and metrics feature. And to sum it all up, Garmin Vivomove uses a cell battery which, the company claims, can last up to one year.