Google’s Alphabet

Google’s Alphabet : New Structure of Google Incorporation

Google dropped THE BOMB in the name of Alphabet.  Luckily, this bomb is not a destructive attempt in any way for the netizens especially the Google enthusiasts.  Alphabet only means organization for Google ventures most especially in the area of business issues.


With the new Alphabet structure, Google may solve ensuing problems such as lack of transparency in reporting financial outputs down to the dilemmas of retaining a talented employee.  To blatantly point it out, it is quite a miracle that Google endures all of these problems without facing disintegration.  As it is, our no. 1 Forbes-lister, even progress and make additional ventures, absorbing and producing everything it gets its hands with.

Google’s Alphabet
Google’s Alphabet


Due to these revolutionary steps, Founder Larry Page is making a concrete structure to solidify the things Google stands up for and make it a certified conventional company.  However, this step is not still considered conventional as Google creates a parent and not the other way around.


Alphabet will be a conglomeration of companies with Google as the primary and largest.  Starting off as a mere search engine, Google now thrives in wide horizons including self-driving vehicles, anti-aging technology, smartfabrics…etc.  Definitely, organization must be done in no time.


Hence, Alphabet will hold independent companies with strong leaders that will prosper independently.  This is going to be huge for Google—or shall we say, Alphabet? However, this restructuring concept is not altogether new.  Big tech companies such as Alibaba and Tencent went under this kind of adjustment.  Surely, this will work better for Google.