Google ATAP + Smart Clothes

Google ATAP + Smart Clothes – Google working with Levi Strauss

Google Inc. and Levi Strauss are bent on designing what seems to be the prototype of the futuristic clothes we can see on movies.  So much with mobile banking, the USB Type C charger and Android M, you can now anticipate something basically innovative—Project Jacquard.


Why the ‘Jacquard’ name? It’s derivative from the loom invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard.  In the same manner, conductive threads are intricately woven into fabrics that are used to create clothing.  Consequently, the clothing with this technology can be used as a multi-sensor touchpad that can interact with our gadgets. But that’s only the immediate goal; we still don’t know the probabilities where it can lead us to.

Google ATAP + Smart Clothes
Google ATAP + Smart Clothes


The Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team oversees this project and has positive views regarding this matter.  According to them, the designs of the fabrics are flexible to the desires of the designer.  Designs are not an issue since the thread itself holds the key into interactions.


‘Smart clothing,’ as what we are going to temporarily label it, sprouted from our modern need of digital lifestyle.  Through this innovation, a person can stay in touch in the physical environment and can be connected into the digital world as well.


As for the fabric… it’s very normal—washable and stretchable.  About its conductivity, it’s pretty flexible as well.  It can be limited to the desired parts of the fabric or spread across the entire cloth.  Moreover, with this fabric, possibilities of spreading digital interaction are endless.  It can go from suits or dresses, to furniture or even a carpet!


Sounds very promising, one must say.  The outcome of Project Jacquard is something worth waiting for.