Google Brillo

Google Brillo and Weave, Along with the Internet of Things

During the I/O 2015 Developer Conference, Google had introduced their new creation, Brillo and Weave in order to simplify the so-called ‘Internet of Things’. If integrated and used properly, this will definitely make life easier compared than before.

Google Brillo
Google Brillo


What is the ‘Internet of Things’, by the Way? Internet of things is the definition used by experts in order to describe ‘non-computer devices’ that uses the power of Internet Communication in order to enhance and simplify user experience. As of present, the Amazon Nest Thermostat is the best example. This one uses Wi-Fi communication in order for you to control it remotely and also personalize house heating and cooling according to its user’s preference. This ‘Internet of Things’ comes up with almost anything, from rice cookers up to some gardening tools.


So what is the supposed-to-be work of Google’s Brillo and Weave? Technically, we know that all electronic devices use a kind of program in order to work. And since electronic devices nowadays use Internet Communication in order to make things convenient, Google suggested a concept that the Internet of Things will become easier if they share the same program and an Operating System environment.


According to Google itself, Brillo will work as the devices’ Operating System while Weave itself will be the communication platform in order for the devices to communicate with each other and apps as well as handling the user setup.


If Google’s concept and suggestion will be used by other companies in their devices, user intervention when it comes to Internet of Things will become easier, indeed.