Google contact lens for the diabetics

Google is now working on the smart lens for the people who suffer from the diabetes 1. The non-invasive lens will make the people enable to test their glucose with this lens. For the people who are non diabetic can use the lens also for the precaution of the future.

The idea of the project is designed for the diabetic people who have to pierce their finger and take the blood for the test. This is an alteration of the method. In this case of the smart lens the lens will take the tears and will test the level of glucose in the body by measuring it from the tears.

Google contact lens
Google contact lens

The lenses will be made by putting the microscopic chips with hair like antennas between the two layers of the lens which are soft. Google is further on the process to make the lens so advanced that it will alert the person with the LED light about the too low or high measurement of the glucose in the body.

It is not a very new or first innovative idea regarding the same thing. It is first projected by the Microsoft research center and through the researcher Babak Parviz who is one of the founders of the project of Google.

Before 18 months the project was started and after the research the project is one the way of completion. It is now on the way of testing practically to get the assurance whether it can be worn in reality by the people without having any issue.

The planning of Google is to make the contact lens to test the glucose of the body and the blood. It is more innovative than the Google glasses which is actually like the smart phone of the size of 24 inches. By launching the Google contact it will be more challenging for the researchers as the lens is so small in size that all the tools which are required for the glucose test through the tears. Google admin says that it will take at least five years to complete and it will take time to reach the customers rapidly.