Google glass: Cecelia made the history

Cecelia Abadie has become a famous name because she made the history to wear the Google glass for the first time. The legal affiliation also she got to wear the glass now after a lot of process. The San Diego court cleared the ticket of her for this case.

The Google glass which is considered as the reality augmenting eye wear was worn by Cecelia Abadia and so she was charged with the point for driving with the monitor which can be seen by the driver.

According to the California vehicle code it is offensive to the monitor while driving which is performned by the lady. Buy for this thing the monitor should be on. But Cecelia is saying that the monitor was not on at the time. There is no proof of it. So the court could not make the decision regarding the matter.

Cecelia wore the glasses and came to the court to proof it was right and it is not offensive to wear until it is on. The traffic court of San Diego was not agreed to clear the ticket of Cecelia so she was said to bring it to the court. Cecelia wore it and came to the court to proof the point. Now the court is quite sure about the eye wear and cleared Cecelia’s ticket but still the question of security is unanswered.

Google glass
Google glass

To avoid such issue the people can do one thing which will make them away from all the troubles and also the pleasure of wearing the Google glass will be there. The eye wear can be used but it is better to switch it off before the vehicle can be detected by the cops with the help of the voice commands. The cops then would not be able to detect the device and cannot put a charge on the person regarding the same.

The chance for the occurrence of the problem is totally dependent on the explorer. If the explorer keeps oneself from driving while using the glass the problem will not occur. It is all about the safety of the user.