Google Japanese input Piropiro version

Google Japanese input Piropiro version (keyless keyboard)

It’s April Fools but no—Google Japan is not fooling us with their work for party horns.  What we actually have is not a work of a fool but an innovative input gadget that frees our hands to do more time-worthy tasks instead of tapping away with the keyboard or keypad. So what’s with the piro-piro moniker? As explained, the Japanese word doesn’t actually have a meaning but onomatopoeia of a party horn.  Connected to this sound is the actual party horn with Google’s boxlike device appended to it and voila—you have an input device.


One thing that we need to straighten away first: Japanese Input: Piro-piro Version is currently designed to input Japanese characters straight to your message or word processor via your Android device.  No English alphabet here yet but determine first if you would want a Google Japan version of the party horn.  How does the Piro-piro version actually work?


Google Japanese input Piropiro version
Google Japanese input Piropiro version


Disassembling the Google box-like attachment, you will see infrared and Bluetooth sensors that are crucial in interpreting your “blow” through the party horn.  Certain blow length determines which Japanese character is to be inputted on your smartphone or device.  Hands-free but mouth at work, right?  This conjures great focus for multi-tasking, but we must admit that it’s ingenious in its own way.  And talking about more creative version of Piro-piro is its mouth-free variant.  Check out the video and see how it works.


Seems like a cool joke on April Fools? The Japanese innovators of Piro-piro may beg to differ.  For us who has complete set of hands and fingers, this might be a laughing stock but just take a look at people who lost theirs? Are they to be deprived of today’s technology because of their handicap? We say,Piro-piro isn’t a joke after all but a great stuff to aid our handicapped comrades.