How to Turn On and Off Caller ID in Google Lollipop


One of the easy comforts (and might be a horrifying fact) in today’s technology is that your information can be an easy access to almost anyone.  Take for instance the Google caller ID feature right in your Android Kitkat and Lollipop smartphones.  The caller ID enables you or a person trying to contact you to have prior information such as name or identity about you (or vice versa). Anyway, since Google gives us enough democracy, we can just opt whether to use this feature or not.  Should you want to remain anonymous to the callers not in your phone list, here are the steps:


How to Turn On and Off Caller ID in Google Lollipop
How to Turn On and Off Caller ID in Google Lollipop



  1. Try to call an unknown number and surely, the caller ID will just pop up.
  1. To manage or set up the caller ID, you need to tap on it right in your dialer for this is the only place you can access it.
  1. To switch the Google’s caller ID off (or on just in case you want to turn it on), flip the switch—not tap on it!—and presto, you are finished!
  1. Now, if you’re really serious of not sharing information about yourself just to anybody else, visit this link: and uncheck the box that tells about helping people find out which other platforms you are connected. You are no longer part of the Google Caller ID program and just maybe, you will feel safe. Take note, this step is applicable particularly to your phone contacts.



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